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Pray for Love


Do you know that Thailand is also a home to many religious and holy places for all type of faiths? There are many shrines and temples all around the Kingdom of Thailand. In the month of February, Romance is in the air, but have you found yours yet? Do you want the higher power to help with love and find your soul mate? Let’s check out where would the local Thais turn to when they have love wishes to make.

We will take you down the street of Bangkok to pay respect to 6 shrines and temples, easily access by BTS Sky Train, there’s no need to be afraid of traffic jam!

'Phra Mae Lakshmi' at Gaysorn Village
'Phra Mae Lakshmi' at Gaysorn Village  

Take the BTS Sky train to Chidlom Station, Exit 7, and take the Sky Walk, connect to Ratchaprasong intersection.

This sanctuary is located on the rooftop of Gaysorn Plaza People often come to worship the Goddess here in a wish to add more prestige to their lives, including the issue of love.

People usually pray for A soul mate who is a tall fair-skin man, good figure, and charming

Tips: Don’t forget to bring these:
✅ 9 incense sticks
✅ 1 pair of candles
✅ 3 lotus flowers

Phra Mae Lakshmi Gaysorn, Pathum Wan, Bangkok


'Phra Krishna' at Wat Thep Montien
'Phra Krishna'  

Take the MRT to Sam Yot Station and exit Gate 1

People usually pray for A good lover

'Wat Thep Monthien' is located near the Giant Swing, this temple is a Temple Hindu Samaj The ambience inside the temple is tranquil and quiet, suitable for meditation. You can make wishes and pray to Lord Krishna and other deities that enshrined here.

Tips for preparing the offerings
✅ Sweet and fragrant fruits such as pears, oranges, fruits, do not bring meat or savory dishes.
✅ Flowers can be jasmine, marigold or rose.

Wat Thep Montien The Hindu Samaj Thailand, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok


'Phra Treemurati' Central World
'Phra Treemurati' Central World  

Take the BTS Skytrain to Chidlom Station, Exit 7, take Sky Walk and connect to Ratchaprasong intersection.

People use to pray normally on every Thursday

This is one of the most popular places among teenagers. Thai people believe the God of love is 'Phra Treemurati' at Central World Plaza. It is believed that if a single person comes to make a wish here, he or she will soon get a love partner quickly. For people who already found their partners, their love will last long. Many people confirmed that they get good results very quickly! There is a specific time in a day to pray for the best result, which is during 09.30 hrs. or 21.30 hrs. of every Thursday

Tips: Don’t forget to bring these items:
✅ 9 red roses or 1 rose garland
✅ 9 red incense sticks
✅ 1 red candle or 1 pair

Phra Trimurti, Central World, Pathum Wan, Bangkok


'Chao Mae Pradu' at Chao Mae Pradu Shrine, Yaowarat

Take the MRT and get off at Wat Mangkon Station, exit Gate 2

People usually pray for a lover with good-looking face and body.

This holy shrine is located in a small alley of Yaowarat market. It is believed that the goddess grant wishes to many people and they found their true love.

Tips: Bring these items with you:
✅ 45 incense sticks
✅ 1 pair of red candles
✅ 5 sweet fruits

Chao Mae Pradu Shrine, Yaowarat Market, Samphanthawong, Bangkok


'Uma Devi' at Wat Khaek, Silom
'Uma Devi' at Wat Khaek, Silom  

Take the BTS Skytrain to Surasak Station and take Exit 3

People usually pray for a lover with plump figure

If you want to be successful in love, make a wish to Goddess Uma Devi. The Goddess is a deity whom many believe that will grant wishes for faithful and stable love life.

'Phra Sri Maha Uma Devi Temple' or Wat Khaek Silom, one of the popular temples to pray about love. In addition to this place is known for its holiness. This place also offers a beauty of Brahmin-style architecture for the tourists to see. You can beautiful pictures here as well.

Tips: Here are what you should bring for your pray
✅ Red water (eg. Soda drink in red color)
✅ Flower Garand
✅ Fresh milk
✅ Curd
✅ Coconut
✅ Bananas
✅ Sugar cane

DO NOT bring any meat dishes

Sri Mariamman Temple, Bang Rak, Bangkok


'Ya Nak' Shrine at Mahabut Temple
'Ya Nak' Shrine at Mahabut Temple  

Take the BTS Skytrain to On Nut Station and take Exit 1

People usually pray for wealthy lovers

If you want to have a stable and lasting love, or want to meet a soulmate who is faithful, it is a good idea to come here and ask for a blessing from 'Ya Nak Shrine, Mahabut Temple', which is known as the legend of Nang Nak and her husband Pi Mak, which is about her loyalty in love, even her death could not take the love for her husband away.

A few tips to keep talking The items that should be used for worship include

✅ Three-color flower garland
✅ Thai dessert ✅ Fruits such as banana, coconut

Yanaka Shrine, Mahabut Temple, Suan Luang, Bangkok






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