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Amazing Thailand Luxury
Amazing Thailand Luxury

With over 190 countries in the world to choose from, you’re probably wondering why you should choose Thailand as your next destination. Thailand is renowned for its magnificent temples, friendly people, mouth-watering and savoury dishes, and of course, the lively and happening cities. All regions across the country host numerous mesmerising, luxurious and exclusive destinations, products and services - that will definitely amaze you.

Leisure and comfort are luxurious experiences ones can give to themselves. Thailand is one of the most alluring destinations which offers a staggering range of amazing experiences. The rolling hills, sweeping mountains, lush green forests and nature, and rich melting pot of cultures, splendid resorts & spas, and the way of living of the locals such as cruising, shopping and fine dining - this will encourage you to indulge yourself into the extravagance.

Here are places that you can be exposed the Amazing Thailand Luxury:


Leisure and comfort are luxurious experiences

Blue Vogage  

1. Blue Vogage

The Blue Voyage yacht charter company operate over 11 yachts in the most popular fleets of Pattaya, Phuket and Koh Samui. Blue Voyage is a home to the third-largest superyacht for charter in Thailand -- the "M/Y Blosson" Astondoa 102, which was hand-crafted in Spain. Its diverse Lagoon Catamaran models are built with global standards from decades of experience and expertise. Blue Voyage will pamper you with unforgettable experiences, while taking you to the top stunning destinations in Thailand.

For more info: https://www.bluevoyagethailand.com

Ocean Marina Yacht Club  

2. Ocean Marina Yacht Club

Ocean Marina Yacht Club provides open accommodation, for leisure or business. Featuring 51 nautical-décor guest rooms, a grand lobby, restaurant & bar, meeting rooms, and a sports complex facility to entertain guests and their friends, families, and company colleagues. ‘Captain’s Table,’ the Yacht Club’s marina-front restaurant and Sailor Bar provide an incredible panoramic view like none other. Bungalows are also provided for guests looking for long-term economic stay.
Many guests who arrive and find their love for the perfect lifestyle by the sea, end up becoming a resident. Ocean Marina Yacht Club offers the perfect and exclusive residence for boat owners, or those passionate with yachting and maritime lifestyle.

For more info: https://oceanmarinayachtclub.com

500 Rai in Surat Thani  

3. 500 Rai in Surat Thani

500 Rai Floating Resort is an elegant, nature-friendly accommodation on Cheow Larn Lake consisting of 18 duplex rooms that can host a total of 80-100 people. Guests will be immersed not only in the picturesque surroundings, but with true local luxury experience; comfortable bedding, air conditioning, panoramic views, and private kayaks all available with each and every room. Guests are only a boat ride away from viewing exotic wildlife along the shoreline, or hiking into the world’s oldest rainforest. 500 Rai Floating Resort provides a priceless opportunity to experience the true heart of nature and wild life, the morning mist with a sunrise like no other, swimming in an emerald lake, while having authentic Thai hospitality, comfort and services that we are known for. We invite you to “Disconnect to Reconnect”, to take in the unique stay experience, creating memories that no other destination can offer truly making us one of the last hidden gems of Thailand.

For more info: https://www.500rai.com

Royal Muang Samui  

4. Royal Muang Samui

This finest Thai luxury beach front resort is centrally located on Choeng Mon Beach in northeast Koh Samui, this superb and convenient location makes Royal Muang Samui Villas an ideal holiday venue. This idyllic resort rests elegantly alongside the powdery, white sand, just four kilometers from Samui International Airport, and 25 kilometers from Nathon City and the ferry pier to Surat Thani.

For more info: https://muangsamui.com/royalmuangsamuivillas

Michelin 2-star restaurant in Bangkok  

5. R-HAAN : Michelin 2-star restaurant in Bangkok

As one of the best Michelin star restaurants in Bangkok’s Michelin Guide, R-Haan takes pride in creating an incomparable Thai fine dining experience. In every sitting, you will get to savour at least 18 menu items, created to encapsulate the "Royal Thai Taste Samrub" and "Amazing Thai Taste Samrub".

Chef Chumpol has dedicated himself to incorporating the 5 tenets from ‘The Wisdom of Thai Cuisine’, in order to create authentic Thai food that fits this Royal Thai dining experience. From the moment our guests enter the spacious and traditionally-themed, Thai-style dining room of R-Haan, the elegant decor and impeccable service convey the excellence of the meal that awaits them. Every meal served at R-Haan is presented on fine, handcrafted and hand-painted ceramic dishes and bowls that have been carefully replicated by skilled artisans to represent the tableware of the Royal Palace during the past era of King Rattannakosin.

For more info: https://www.r-haan.com

Mahanakhon Skywalk  

6. Mahanakhon Skywalk

Mahanakhon SkyWalk is Thailand's highest observation deck where you can experience one of the world’s largest glass trays at the height of 310 meters from the 78th floor. It is perfect for adventure seekers. You can take a photo standing on Bangkok’s glass tray with a bird eye’s view of the beautiful skyline below. Visitors will be required to cover their shoes with a disposable shoe cover. Please note that visitors will also be required to keep all loose items including mobile phones and other items away from the glass tray. Photography of your adventure on the glass tray is permitted from the official photo taking area.

For more info: https://kingpowermahanakhon.co.th/skywalk

Luxury Shopping Mall  

7. ICONSIAM : Luxury Shopping Mall

ICONSIAM showcases a group of buildings that each owns a 360-degree façade like a mansion that elegantly offers the best Thai brands and luxury brands from around the world. ICONSIAM will bring together the best of Thai products from all categories- fashion to handicrafts to must-buy items- created by local enterprises and artists from all of the 77 provinces of Thailand. Visitors can explore the originals of the whole country here at ICONSIAM.

ICONSIAM also a home to World-Class Luxury at ICONLUXE – the icon of exquisiteness, the centre of world-class luxury which will have the best in world-class brands in all categories, including fashion, jewelry and timepieces. Each brand will be housed in a global iconic store in a way that has never been done before in Thailand.

For more info: https://www.iconsiam.com/en

Erb: one of the best skin care products in Thailand  

8. Erb: one of the best skin care products in Thailand

‘Erb’ derived from an old Thai expression ‘erb-im’ which referred to the radiant glow of Thai women from eras past; a testament to their physical well-being and spiritual contentment. Dedicated to the art of fine living, women of the Siamese royal court pampered themselves with beauty regimens and indulgent botanical preparations. Their beauty was legendary, their allure irresistible.

Erb harnesses the power of natural ingredients using the latest scientific innovations, resulting in products that deliver exceptional benefits and induce a delightful sensorial experience. This skin care and spa products reinterprets traditional Siamese indulgences, bringing a touch of bliss to modern life.

For more info: https://www.erbasia.com/


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